Today’s announcement by Home Depot that it will require manufacturers to phase out phthalate plasticizers from all of the vinyl flooring products it sells was the latest in a long history of efforts to eliminate hazardous additives from vinyl building products. But this does not mean that all phthalate-free vinyl floors (and other PVC products) are now free of potential concerns for building occupants...

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On Earth Day my organization (StopWaste) and the Healthy Building Network published the first in a series of in-depth studies of common feedstocks found in many recycled content building products: Post-Consumer Polyvinyl Chloride in Building Products. These reports are part of a new initiative we have undertaken along with the San Francisco Department of the Environment to identify options for enhancing recycled content value, fostering longer material reuse cycles, and improving environmental...

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HBN DC Office

Recently, HBN moved our DC office down Connecticut Avenue a couple of blocks – taking over the fourth floor of a classic Dupont rowhouse.  Being on the top floor means lots of natural light from windows and skylights – and fresh air from windows that open.  It also means walking up and down many stairs, many times a day! 

Our new offices had belonged to an architecture firm.  We kept most of their workstation built-ins, and received some amazing chairs, task lighting and three-drawer pedestals, that were donated by Teknion, Humanscale, and USBI – donations that were facilitated by our stellar board members, Linda Sorrento and Penny Bonda

Thank you Linda, Penny, Teknion, Humanscale and USBI for your generous contributions to and support of HBN.