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Market Transformation: Overview

Accelerating The Transition To Healthier Building Materials

Working with environmental health experts and advocacy groups, the Healthy Building Network focuses on ways in which careful selection of building materials can reduce environmental health threats of toxic chemical emissions.

Transforming the building materials market in ways that eliminate the most harmful products will expand mainstream commercial markets for healthier materials and bring many health benefits to building occupants by improving the environmental quality of the places where we live, work and play.

Since 2000, HBN's strategic campaigns have directly resulted in the introduction of new, healthier building materials into commercial markets, shifting over $4 billion in materials purchases from toxic materials to healthier alternatives that are comparable in both price and performance to the materials they have replaced.

Green design and construction standards, materials policies and operating practices are an opportunity to decrease - and even reverse - the profound impacts of the contemporary building industry on the environment and human health.

But this is only the beginning of the positive impacts associated with careful materials selection. The benefits extend back along the lifecycle of building materials to the communities in which they are manufactured, and forward to the communities that host the dumps and incinerators to which materials typically go after their initial use. These benefits reach quite literally across the globe and across generations.

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