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PVC Plastic

PVC-Free Alternatives

HBN PVC free materials and products charts
The Healthy Building Network is developing a series of tools to help you find PVC free building materials for your projects. These lists are by no means exhaustive or complete but will help you begin your search.

The charts listed here are works in progress. We welcome your additions and corrections. Feedback

Alternative material reports

Related green building product databases
A wide range of resource guides are available on line and in paper to help you find green construction materials. Some of our favorite resources are listed below. Beware: some construction materials labeled "green" actually contain either recycled or virgin PVC/vinyl, sometimes clearly marked, sometimes not. The HBN charts above and the Greenpeace database below are the only ones specifically screened for all PVC.

Online guides

See also PVC Links for reference to listserves where you can ask questions and discuss your experiences with healthy building materials and other issues in green design.

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