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PVC Plastic

The Healthy Building Network is leading the campaign to accelerate the transition away from PVC building materials in favor of safer, healthier alternatives that offer equal or superior performance at comparable prices.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride or vinyl) is the worst plastic from an environmental health perspective, posing unique and major hazards in its manufacture, product life and disposal. Global vinyl production totals over 30 million tons per year, and 75% of PVC is directed to building applications.

PVC has contributed a significant portion of the world's burden of persistent toxic pollutants and endocrine-disrupting chemicals - including dioxin and phthalates - that are now universally present in the environment and the human population.

When its entire life cycle is taken into account, it becomes apparent that this seemingly innocuous plastic is one of the most environmentally hazardous consumer materials produced.

For this reason, HBN is committed to shift the demand of the multi-billion dollar building materials market toward PVC-free products and policies.

PVC Links:

Across the world, governments and companies are taking action to reduce or eliminate PVC. In virtually all European nations, certain uses of PVC have been eliminated. Scores of communities have PVC-avoidance policies, and dozens of green buildings have been built with little or no PVC, including hospitals. Leading manufacturers have developed PVC-free product lines, and more PVC-free products are appearing in the marketplace every month.

PVC-free is a mainstream green building principle. Join our efforts to secure a PVC-free future.

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